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Season 6 – 2019

Virtual Design Master Hackathon 2019

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About Season 6

Virtual Design Master Season 6 features a new approach to the competition with a goal of increasing the inclusivity of hackathons for people of all backgrounds and skill levels.

Hackathons have traditionally been targeted to developers which has caused a vast audience of amazing technologists to miss out on the potential learning and growth that can occur by taking part in these exciting events.

The VDM team is changing the game and bringing you, regardless of your experience level and background, to the main stage as a hackathon participant.  There are no limits when we empower the community.

Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4



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Episode 1 of 4

Episode 1 - The Idea

Episode 1 - The Idea

Before you jump into the hackathon, you need an idea.  This session is going to unpack industry tips on how to come up with an idea and evaluate how you and your potential team can decide what’s the right product approach to build.  This extends beyond a hackathon into every day technology life and will feature some great experiences shared with you and make sure you’re ready to go from idea to product!
Episode 2 of 4

Episode 2 - Building the Team

Episode 2 - Building the Team

Now that you have your idea, it’s time to think about how to recruit and assemble the team.  Team building in and out of the hackathon environment requires some thought of skills matching, evaluating personality traits and strengths, mentoring, and much more.  This episode explores the world of effective team building for your hackathon including the recruitment process which is very unique in the hackathon style.  These ideas also extend to our day-to-day team and personal experiences and will be effective and usable everywhere you go in business.
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Episode 3 - Product Management and Live Hacking Techniques

Episode 3 - Product Management

Product management and the art of being ruthlessly pragmatic is important enough on a long-form development project, but critically important during a hackathon.  You and your team will need to make quick decisions and carefully manage your team’s time and capabilities to deliver a working and winning product at the end of the coding window.  Using experience in product management, product marketing, and in hackathon operations and participation, our VDM team will share how you can put core techniques into play to ensure success in your hackathon experiences.
Episode 4 of 4

Episode 4 - Getting Ready for the Hackathon + Test Pitches

Episode 4 - Getting Ready for the Hackathon and Test Pitches

Now that you have followed the three-part webinars you are ready to lean about the hackathon experience and to see and hear your first test pitches.  This session will feature some day-before and day-of logistics, a discussion of how the scheduling and time management go during the live event, and also feature some tea pitches to hear how to do the  product pitch and to do last-minute recruiting or finding a team to collaborate with.

Virtual Design Master 24 Hour Online Hackathon

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Summer 2019 Webinar and Live Hackathon Event


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