Want To Make Your HACKATHON Experience Rock? Read This!

Can you believe it, season six of Virtual Design Master – WOW!

When we reached out to the community and shared our thoughts for an online design competition, we never thought we would still do this six years later. It’s truly a testament to the competitors, judges, and viewers who have a desire to learn new things and help others. Your encouragement has fueled us to bring Virtual Design Master back each year.

Last year, we brought you a design masterclass with René van den Bedem and Katarina Wagnerova. This year we are introducing the first Virtual Design Master hackathon.

Hackathon’s have always been popular and typically viewed as an event for developers only. We want to change that. In the past, Virtual Design Master focused on building infrastructure and most folks were in their comfort zone. Introducing a hackathon is a little different in terms of skillset for your typical system administration or architect and something we want to challenge folks with. Our goal has always been to equip you to do amazing things, and this is no different.

How will season six be structured? Good question, we will do a four-part weekly webinars series around:

  • What do you need to bring to a hackathon
  • Generating ideas
  • How do you build a team
  • Rapid product management

Then followed by a 24hr Virtual Design Master online hackathon, and yes this will be fun and crazy at the same time. But I think more important, as you immerse yourself in this you will unlock potential you never thought you had. I know this might seem a little scary, I can almost hear you know “what do I know about hackathons”. Don’t worry the community is always ready to help support you.

If you missed the Virtual Design Master announcement, you can watch the reply and share your thoughts on social.

To stay current with what is taking place during the season six – it’s best to sign up for our newsletter, which will contain news, commentary and an insider’s view to what’s happening. Take part on social by following Virtual Design Master on Twitter and follow the hashtag #virtualdesignmaster

You can also register for the webinars; they take place from June 27 – July 25 with the hackathon and finale dates coming soon;

  1. Virtual Design Master S6 – Episode 1 – The Idea
  2. Virtual Design Master S6 – Episode 2 – Building the Team
  3. Virtual Design Master S6 – Episode 3 – Product Management and Live Hacking Techniques
  4. Virtual Design Master S6 – Episode 4 – Getting Ready for Your Hackathon + Test Pitches

Bookmark those dates in your calendar and we hope to see you during the live shows. Let the participant’s know that you support them and above all lets have some fun.

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